Office Design and Tour

At Little Bird, we are bringing the natural rejuvenating and calming outdoors, inside. From warm colours, to full size trees, live slab wood tables, and a waterfall feature. Creating a welcoming environment where our patient families will feel cared for and at home. The office is full accessible with ample free parking.

We are a baby friendly practice, with a cozy reading corner, rocking and sound shell chairs, and accessible washroom with change table. For new parents and those nursing, we are breastfeeding friendly. If privacy is desired, we have special rooms each with unique natural calming features.

Sound Shell Chair

As we are pioneering the integration of Snoezelen® with healthcare, there are many multi-sensory items throughout our practice including tactile tiles, bubble tubes, and spaces where we can customize many additional features to each patient’s unique needs. What is Snoezelen®? (*Have link to a pop up box of definition Snoezelen® with small picture –content is at the end of this doc)

It is our goal to provide compassionate, personalized care to each and every patient.

Below are some of the unique design features of our clinic:

    • Waiting room with areas for the whole family – quiet reading corner, tablet zones, Snoezelen® tactile space (for all ages to touch and explore), and Sound Shell Chair to be able to rest and rejuvenate
    • Separate greeting and check out areas to ensure utmost patient privacy
    • Initial consultation space intentionally looks similar to a cozy beach house instead of a medical office for patient and family comfort
    • Treatment rooms with unique features
      a) We have 3 benches instead of traditional dental chairs at LB. For those that experience any type of anxiety with the feeling of being lowered back, these benches do not move and as such eliminate this potential anxiety or worry
      b) Overhead lighting that can be controlled in each space with dimmers
      c) LED ceiling projectors – to feature patient desired imagery
      d) Ceiling mounted televisions with wireless headphones
      e) Two before or after appointment special rooms with natural calming features
    • Separate private entrance that is linked to main reception for patients that desire pre-treatment rebounding therapy or care in our Snoezelen® treatment areas
    • Classroom/Activity Room & Snoezelen® Space – is where we will lead Buteyko breathing and myofunctional exercises for our patients (re-educating and optimizing their growth, development and function)
      – Snoezelen® items in this space include: Bubble tubes, Sensory Magic (*Click to learn more about Sensory Magic *POP up box with picture and info), Beanbag chairs, Infinite Panel (*Click to learn more about the Infinite Panel *POP up box with picture and info), and much more
      – This Snoezelen® Space is where we can accommodate groups for our familiarization services, and welcome each patient individually into our attached Snoezelen® treatment room for care
  • Snoezelen® Treatment Room
    – A safe Snoezelen® space that can be customized to each individual, and with all health care items hidden out of sight, patients will receive time before and after their appointment to maximize their Snoezelen® experience
    – Comfortable custom bench seating
    – Fully accessible
    – Some featured products: LED ceiling projector with desired imagery (or can bring own disc), bubble wall with adjustable colours, tactile wall tiles, and weighted blankets
    – Treatment provided in this room may include (but not limited to): New patient exams, consultations, check-ups, preventive care (i.e. cleanings, fluoride, etc.), myofunctional exercises, and/or simple restorative/operative treatments.


We welcome you to please take a virtual tour of our practice (*Insert picture gallery and/ OR Video Tour)

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