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Global experts and leaders in Snoezelen®, Flaghouse is known for enriching lives for all people, regardless of age or ability, with resources to be active, play, learn and enjoy life fully since 1954.

Snoezelen® Multi-Sensory Environments (MSE) incorporate a specialized selection of sensory equipment and materials that can help individuals adapt their responses to sensory stimulation and to advance education and therapy goals. The blends of sights, sounds, textures, and motion provide stimulation of the primary sensory systems and can be tailored to meet the needs of each unique individual or group.

Flaghouse is constantly creating new products, raising awareness, and advocating for the use of Snoezelen® spaces around the world.

What Flaghouse means to us at Little Bird?

Thanks to our partnership with Flaghouse, Little Bird will have the most current Snoezelen® products to integrate with our provision of health care in a community setting. As we are pioneering this approach, our partnership will allow for us to assess what works, what could be improved, and together, create new products that might assist in improved patient care.

It is our hope that through creating these Snoezelen® spaces at Little Bird that our patients with special needs will feel comfortable, and receive more routine, preventive care thereby reducing their risks of future cavities, oral disease and associated discomfort.

For all Snoezelen® products used at Little Bird that aid in the provision of health care, we will work with Flaghouse in the future to create a new category in their catalogue. Sharing and encouraging other health care providers to consider the addition of Snoezelen® into their own practices.

The WOMB: World Of My Baby

The WOMB – World of my baby created in 2014 by Lorri Fleming and Angie Stenback, is a sacred, loving space and resource where families gather to be fully nourished and nurtured through preconception, pregnancy, birth and parenting.
Through education, health care, products and support, families are guided, loved and encouraged every step of the way.

Being a centre of excellence, the WOMB is a place where expert practitioners of health and research provide families with the best care possible, filled with tenderness, education and love.

Services at the WOMB range from doula support, lactation consulting, and counseling, to osteopathy, pelvic health physiotherapy, pre/post natal fitness classes and much more.

What partnering with The WOMB: World of my baby means to us at Little Bird?

Multi-disciplinary collaboration is essential for providing the best care, and evolving our practices to meet the needs of our patients.

As one of our goals at Little Bird is to optimize the growth, development and function of all children we care for form birth onwards, it is thanks to our partnership with the WOMB and their practitioners that we can support each other to provide more comprehensive and loving care.

From pre-natal to post-natal education, in collaboration with the WOMB, we have developed resources and checklists specifically for newborns to two year olds; ensuring a unified vision (found HERE).

Many of the services offered at the WOMB work hand-in-hand with care provided at Little Bird. For example, for families having challenges with breastfeeding, we encourage working with lactation consultants; And in conjunction with certain treatments provided at Little Bird, incorporating bodywork through osteopathy and massage can be powerful.

We look forward to sharing these valuable WOMB partnerships, including with naturopathic doctors, nutritionists, and more!

awake_black bigsAwake Labs – Reveal Physiologic Wearable

Creators of the Reveal that is currently under development, which will be a physiologic wearable (bracelet) that aims to capture and display how an individual is feeling through its real time measurement of anxiety.

Many persons with special needs unfortunately do not always exhibit classical social cues or signs that would indicate when they are feeling uncomfortable or agitated. As such, commonly what we encounter is an individual that appears to be content “green zone”, but moments later, having an upset of frustration “red zone”, with staff and caregivers attempting to calm and soothe the individual.

With the Reveal however, for the first time, it will provide real-time information notifying the caregiver of the full continuum of anxiety. Specifically, including when they are in the “yellow zone” – which will allow for improved awareness, use of de-escalation techniques, and a compassionate response that could aid in their provision of care, but also prevent a potential “red zone” upset.

reveal_logo_bluebgWhat the Reveal means to us at Little Bird?

Health care should be universal and patient centered. Unfortunately this may not always seem like the case for those that are non-verbal or have unique needs. The Reveal may finally lend a voice to those unable to express themselves, ensuring that we are providing the most positive experience for each unique individual.

Through providing compassionate, responsive care it is our hope at Little Bird, that persons with special needs will begin to receive more routine, preventive care. Thereby reducing their risks of future cavities, oral disease and hospital emergency room visits that commonly present with acute states of dental pain/suffering.

Beyond assisting in the provision of care, it will also provide objective physiologic patient information that can be utilized for research purposes (i.e. capturing the impact of caring for persons in the Snoezelen® treatment room). Without Reveal, we would be limited to subjective measures through surveys and feedback. By having objective physiologic information, it is our hope that it will provide the highest level of evidence to support and promote this new provision of community health care.

We look forward to the near future when the Reveal will be available and integrated into our care at Little Bird!

A Special Heartfelt Thank You to Our Community Supporters:

Community Living Associations, Central West Specialized Developmental Services, Kerry’s Place Autism Services, Christian Horizons, and Bob Rumball Association for the Deaf.

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