Speech Language Pathology/OMT

Sunah MacFarlaneSunah Macfarlane, M.Cl.Sc. S-LP, Reg. CASLPO

Sunah received her graduate degree in Speech-Language Pathology in 2014, from the University of Western Ontario. She has worked with children in school settings and in private practice, with a clinical focus on articulation, phonology, early/developmental language disorders, fluency disorders, and voice disorders. Sunah’s interest in Tethered Oral Tissues was sparked by her son’s tongue and lip-tie, and consequent breastfeeding difficulties. Her personal journey has motivated her to support families with similar experiences and difficulties. As a clinician and ally, Sunah is deeply committed to sharing up-to-date, research-based information on oral structure and function, and helping families in this particular area of interest.

When she is not busy chasing her active toddler around, Sunah enjoys reading and watching documentaries. She is an adventurous eater and loves cooking for her family.

Assessment and intervention are offered to support the following:

  • Pre and Post Frenotomy Care (Therapeutic exercises for tongue-tie release – All Ages)
  • Pediatric Myofunctional therapy including Myobrace one-on-one instruction

Sunah’s Schedule at Little Bird
*Currently Off on Maternity Leave – Returning Spring 2021*

Where: Little Bird Pediatric Dentistry – Baby Bird Wing

When: **On Maternity Leave, Returning to LB in Spring 2021**

Who: Little Bird Patients*
*Due to Sunah’s limited available clinical hours, care for Little Bird patients will be prioritized at this time
*For new clients, please call Little Bird front desk for possible availability

Initial appointments (60 minutes) – $195
Follow-up appointments (45 minutes, $165) or (30 minutes, $125)
*Extended Health Benefits often include the services of a Speech-Language Pathologist. Contact your benefits administrator for information.

Direct Contact for Sunah: Email: sunah.slp@gmail.com 

To Schedule an appointment to see Sunah at Little Bird,

Please Call our Front desk at 905-876-2473!

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