About Us

Little Bird Pediatric Dentistry represents Dr. Alison Sigal’s vision of pediatric health care, pioneering a one-of-a-kind community based clinic that focuses on optimizing the growth, development and function of all children from birth onwards, and caring for persons with special needs of all ages.

This vision of LB grew from…

  • A love for children, persons with special needs, and healthcare,
  • A foundation in anatomy, physiology, and function,
  • And a passion for research and global multi-disciplinary collaboration

Drs. Alison Sigal and her father Michael Sigal are both pediatric dentists with additional training that includes orofacial myofunctional therapy (OMT) and Buteyko breathing. Having learned and collaborated with pediatric health care experts from around the world, a new comprehensive assessment and approach was born. Together, with our Little Bird team, this care will be provided to your loved ones from birth onwards.

We have a four-fold mission at LBPD:

  1. To optimize the growth, development and function of all children we care for from birth onwards, that is airway focused and comprehensive
    (Read More about our Airway Focused Approach)
    (Read More about the Optimization of Growth, Development & Function)
  2. To pioneer a community-based Center for Persons with Special Needs of All ages where care can be personalized to the unique needs of each individual (Read More)
  3. To practice and contribute to evidence based health care; having created a secure electronic charting system, this will allow for on-going research to be conducted at LB, and used to assess and continually improve patient care (Read More)
  4. To continually collaborate and learn from multi-disciplinary health care providers, and evolve our practices to best meet the needs of our patients (Read More)
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